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Members birthday on: July 11
Name Age Country Hobbies
Michael Bai 15 China Basketball´╝îClassical Music
Ame 19 Japan anime, games and sewing
Ahijah Jastin Añana 20 Philippines Watching Korean Dramas / Reading / Writing short s...
Lilly 20 United States Reading, Writing, Internet, & Art
Abigail Webster 20 United States Art, Violin, Piano, Writing,and Singing
viviana costantini 21 Italy reading,anime,mangas,comics
Anna 21 Russian Federation listening to music, skating, football
viviana 21 Italy swimming
Francesca 22 Italy Cinema, music, astronomy
Maria Lucia 22 Spain Listening to music
Umbrella Academy 22 Russian Federation Music, reading, sport, art
Brandon Feagle 24 United States reading, anime,
Brenna 24 Brazil Cooke and dance
alex narducci 25 United States readig, EPL football, writing, school
Claire 25 Taiwan reading novels,writing mails,making friends all ov...
Martin Lugai 28 Uganda making friends, soccer, volley ball, drawing
Elly 29 Namibia nature, using computer and music
Anastasia 30 Slovenia music, art, drawing, languages, animals, nature, m...
Uyanga 30 Mongolia reading, dancing, writing, training
Pavel 30 Russian Federation chess
Peter Chen 31 Taiwan Basketball, music
Milian 32 United States music
Juan Rosas 33 United States Playing the trumpet, playing video games, writing ...
Isaac 34 Ghana Reading
Jo Francis 38 United Kingdom Writing letters, collecting postcards, watching tv...
Richard 38 Uganda Sports, Farming
scott Clemo 41 United States snowboarding
Sandro 43 Italy History of Art, Music, Drama,Finance and Economy
rebecca Dufur 50 United States writing poetry,reading.reality tv, music, nature, ...
Ricardo Jerrel Von Zshaizovich 51 Suriname reading,writing,traveling
Guinter 55 Germany Music
Pieter de Vogel 57 Netherlands Weather amateur, scale modeling, reading, writing,...
Pieter de Vogel 57 Netherlands Weather amateur, scale models, reading, militairy ...
Lael Parker 57 Canada Crafting, beading, photography, reading, cooking/b...
Hiroshi K. 58 Japan music,reading,internet,light sport
Justin202 59 United States Reading, listening to music and cooking
Jasonnight 63 Malaysia Playing Electone Organ, Chatting Online, Swimming.