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Name Age Country Hobbies
Ísabella Picchietti 14 Iceland coloring, playing computer games, watching Jessie,...
张勋皓 16 China 歌曲,篮球
Jayruh 17 United States Reading, writing, drawing
Sveta 21 Russian Federation music, movies, photography, reading, cooking
Joy Janet Wambui 23 Kenya Watching movies, reading, writing, daydreaming
Katelynn Harrison 23 United States Sports, camping, softball
Michel 23 Australia table tennis
Christina 23 United States Listening an making music, reading, writting
Feliv 24 Philippines Draw, listening to music, reading books, chatting ...
Roman 25 Russian Federation Professional and art literature, Hiking / Camping,...
Angelina 25 Ukraine drowing, taking photos
Roman 25 Russian Federation reading, playing the guitar, cycling, skiing
Caroline Zhang 26 China music,travel,fashion,dance,guitar
Prince Baah 26 Ghana playing video games
luca 26 Italy playing videogames
Sandra 26 United States Art, Traveling, reading, rock climbing, soccer
王斌 28 China 听音乐
Joseph 29 United Kingdom Pretending to exercise..
Elvira 29 Italy motogp, music, books, tv series, swimming
RUBEL MOHAMMED 30 Bangladesh Qur'an
judith rossi 30 Virgin Islands i will tell you letter
Esther 30 Senegal Reading,Music
BeerMan 30 Thailand swimming&music
Tritia 31 Netherlands reading, learning new things, singing, playing the...
Abbie 31 United States Baking, Fishing, Working Out, etc.
maria felicia 35 Indonesia reading drawing
Tiina 38 Finland lerning languages, reading
moses 41 United States photography
Nebux 41 Papua New Guinea Motor cyclying and Fishing
gina garcia 41 United States traveling, movies
Lonesome 44 Sri Lanka nature
katze 45 Japan reading,travel
emmanuel 46 United States Sports
Keme 47 Philippines Internet Sufing, programming
Burama 49 Gambia reading,football,film, music ,
Tammtamm 50 United States Reading, Writing, listening to music,
Aaron 50 United Kingdom Music, movies, walking, reading, history, PC games...
ashish pathak 54 India trevel to new places
Carrie McGrath 55 Canada drawing,collecting things..talking to people from ...
Evie 59 Malaysia Life
KK 60 Malaysia Philatelic collection,Phonecards collection,Penpal...
Kevin Howard 67 United States Writing, Photography, Travel, Music
geb hube 76 United States swming dancing
fghjk 109 Tuvalu art reading archery