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Newest members

Newest members
Name Age Country Hobbies
United States
Visiting botanical gardens, hiking, taking leisure walks, learning Japanese, cooking, traveling
singing, dancing, reading
computer games
playing instruments photography and travelling
United States
Photography, world cultures, writing

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Birthday members

Birthday members
Name Age Country Hobbies
United States
Swimming, reading, listening to most types of music, movies, writing, running, going out with friends, watching anime or reading manga's, learning new things such as languages,just having fun
Reanding a comics,Litening to music,shopping,etcc
Tennis, playing trombone, drama, chiro
United States
i like to play my instrument, figure stuff on the piano, eat food, make hot chocolate, do hair and nails, i like to go to the mall and try on clothes for fun with friends, i like to hang out with my friends, i like to sew, i like arts and crafts, i love laughing and have a good time with friends, i like to be really random............. potato.........
South Africa
Reading, movies

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