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Name Age Country Hobbies
Aria 13 United States gaming, swimming, dance, singing, eating, modeling...
conor 15 Ireland video games, soccer and writing
Lynn 18 United States Reading, Writing, Art
Wenny Yuan 18 United States writing, anime, reading
Paulina 19 Mexico Taking photographs, traveling and hanging out with...
anna 19 Netherlands soccer, traveling
Giggi 21 Italy Traveling, miusic, poetry
Dima 21 Russian Federation Anime, games, manga, music and etc.
Annika 21 Germany Drawing, Singing, Baking, Dancing, Having fun with...
Francine 22 Netherlands talking,going to restaurants and doing funstuff wi...
Shri 22 United States Dancing, reading, writing dialouges, hockey, tenni...
Brianna 23 United States cat sitting, Queen listening, reading, Disney movi...
Priscila 23 United States Watch movies and Swiming
Bri Stone 23 United States Music, Reading, Yoga, Cooking, Studying
Katelyn 24 Australia Watching sports and movies, reading, learning abou...
SunMoonNMe 26 United States Music, dance, guitar,crafts,photography
WangRun 26 China Travel,reading,Chinese food
onlytwo 26 China singing
Sam 26 United States horseback riding, running, singing, writing poetry...
Brandon 26 United States Guitar, Exercise, Writing, Recording, Reddit, Yout...
masa 28 Japan Talk, sports, art
Barry O Leary 28 Ireland sport, cooking,travelling
Carolyn 30 Canada Video games, reading, painting, cross stitch, yoga...
Kebbeh Mulbah 30 Liberia Going to church,marking friends,love to travel,sing
Stefanie 35 United States Learning about other cultures. Collecting postcar...
Alireza 35 Malaysia Travelling
chel 36 Philippines many
Renee 37 Malaysia Pet, Watching movies
DELETSU OBED 39 Ghana soccar
Aurora 40 Philippines Listening music,cooking,cleaning
Oksana 40 Russian Federation Fitness, cooking, travel
Sunnie 43 United States Crafting, cooking, photography
jacob 44 India travelling making friends,chatting,movies
Tim Teske 60 United States Sports,Spending time with my son,Having fun.
John Kay 71 United States Creative writing, movies, politics, keeping health...
Joseph Wolfe 83 United States Reading; Pedagogical research; Classical music