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Name Age Country Hobbies
Dagmar 14 Netherlands Horseriding and taking pictures
Yvonne 15 Netherlands listening to Taylor Swift music
Arina 15 Russian Federation painting, reading, music, volleyball
Lara Marie 17 Germany Riding, Dancing
Yai 22 United States Drawing , Cooking , Writing, Reading , Crafting, W...
Aline 22 Brazil writing, acting, music.
candicezxy 23 China singing
Rudy 23 Italy sports,rap and electronic music,car races,go out w...
Boafo Isaac 25 Ghana Gaming
Owen 25 China swim,badminton
Sara 25 Italy Sports, music, cinema, everything that could be re...
Mohammed Alhassan 26 Ghana Reading
Tina 27 Germany travelling, reading books, listening to music, pla...
Carla Fernanda Pereira Brito 34 Brazil work
ShiJie 35 Singapore reading, cycling , fixing of models
Famon 37 Tanzania Reading,watching movies,cooking,travelling,going o...
MuRaT 39 Turkey japanese language and culture, foreign languages
Ina 43 Germany literature, history, travelling, music, theatre, a...
Светлана 46 Russian Federation кулинария,кошек,орхидеи.
Vesna 49 Croatia gardening,photography,music,movies,walking,interne...
yvette 53 United States pets, television, writting to penpals of all ages,...
Jennifer 54 Japan knitting, reading watching tv
SAIRAM KRISHNA MURTHY 59 India reading writing