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Name Age Country Hobbies
Nikita 15 China computer games
Adyatma Imantaka 18 Indonesia Swimming, and Playing Games
Giulia 20 Italy Reading books,travelling,listening to the music ecc..
Mira 21 Turkey Music film series
Lei Mercado 21 Philippines Reading, art, Writing
Alyssa 21 Italy Books, Music, Pizza, Series Tv
fmylw 22 China Basketball Music Films. skatingboard
Anoes 23 Netherlands Reading, dancing, writing
Emily Mc. 25 United States Reading, singing, games, learning
Sai 25 United States Film/Dance/Music/Travel/Anime
Leonardo rosini 25 Italy supporter of acf fiorentina, listen to edm, travel...
Kha 26 Philippines Arts
Kim Jeong-yeon 26 Korea movie
lovely lady 27 Liberia Singing and dancing
Viviana 27 Italy reading some books, going out with my friends and ...
Salma Haruna 27 Ghana Reading, movies, making new friends.
PRINCE NAKOTEY 30 Ghana playing football
kelli 32 United States journaling, reading,sewing
Octávio Cunha 32 Brazil I love football, and I like to listen music , play...
Sue, lee 32 Korea Reading books, web surfing
Maia Jade 33 Papua New Guinea Reading,Travelling
Casey 33 United States Reading, crafting, vintage movies, video games, re...
Bakary 36 Gambia Sports, Movies/Series, Beaches and outdoor
ybeth 36 Philippines gardening, cooking, reading books, fishing, gym, w...
leo lee 36 China guitar
Yannick TATY 36 Gabon Basketball
Mina Kay 37 United States written correspondence, poetry, books, travel, art...
Valeria 39 Italy yoga, vegetarian life and cooking, gardening, rock...
ACHIRO BETTY 39 Uganda Listening to gospel music, making friends and trav...
Martin Sebastian Gabrys 48 Germany tennis, travelling, fishing, sleeping
Nicole 50 Canada Traveling, reading, animals, learning oboe, watchi...
debbie 62 Australia reading , movies ,writting letters , knitting , tv...