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Members birthday on: July 16
Name Age Country Hobbies
Suzanne 13 Netherlands Dance
Hamna 15 Sri Lanka Reading, Collecting Stamps, Corresponding
Flora 17 Netherlands football, reading, sports
min seung 18 Korea music/book/uk/movie
Shi Yuan 20 Singapore Reading, Watching Shows
Wei Yi 20 Malaysia collecting stuffs
ohbibib 20 Hong Kong having fun,travellimg
Moneer 22 United States Manga, anime, listening and playing music, reading...
Renuga 23 Malaysia Love to watch movies, sketching
Linda Jiang 23 China Playing the piano, travelling somewhere interesti...
Paula 24 Kenya Reading, music, travel and food
Dee 24 Philippines reading, traveling, watching series/films, going t...
yeeun 25 Korea reading, playing drums, listening music
Juan Carlos IV 25 China history,film,read,do sport
Christopher Raymond Thomason 26 United States Cinema, Anime/Manga, Music, Food, & Drawing
Herlina 29 Indonesia Singing, Learning languages 'n cultures
denhez nicolas 32 France photography
Faye ファイェ 35 United Kingdom Taekwon-Do & Kickboxing, learning Japanese, taking...
Nan 37 Thailand Movies, Book, Cooking
Prince S. Ndlovu 38 South Africa Soccer,movies, rugby,boxing
Angie 40 Malaysia Music, football, dance
Hope Robinson 48 United States Photography, poetry, biking ,hiking,music
TonYa 52 Germany Reading, Piano, Theatre and Cinema, Travelling, An...
Akanmu 53 Nigeria reading novels, playing games
harald_s04 56 Germany Soccer (Schalke 04), learning new things
Jeff 59 Canada Skiing,fishing,snowmobiling,travelling
C R NANDA 66 India Travel, Driving, Swim, Computing, Photography and ...