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Members birthday on: June 09
Name Age Country Hobbies
Elisey 15 Russian Federation Play the piano, like to play volleyball and chess....
Chanwoo Lee 17 Korea Baseball
Danisha Izmi 19 Indonesia Reading and writing
Tendai 21 Zimbabwe Reading novels watching tv
Ingrid 21 China drawing, reading, writing, travelling, listening t...
lee 21 Sri Lanka reading books
Jessie 22 United States swimming, piano, violin, soccer, babysitting, read...
Jessie 22 United States Swim, reading,
Day 23 United States Reading, Writing, Painting, Cooking,
AlexZhang 23 China movies music varied languages and cultures
Kristina 23 Russian Federation Reading, big tennis, music, history, photo, writti...
Jasmyne 23 United States Singing, dancing, reading, shopping,and having fun.
Annika Uusitalo 23 Finland Orienteering, running, ski and other else.
Pratik Mukhopadhaya 24 India Video games, football, technology, music, travelling
Sonya 24 Russian Federation Music, Art, Travel, Books.
Keira 24 United Kingdom Surfing, Skiing, snowboarding, Watching films, Tra...
tatsuki 25 Japan reading traveling
Woonyi 25 Malaysia Reading, sports, watch drama
Anita Yuniar 26 Indonesia listening to music, BTS Trash, sleeping haha
Dominic Collins 27 United States Running, video games, reading, yoga, hulu, HBO.
Kira 27 China badminton, run, reading,
Mart 28 Italy Music, Beer, Travelling
Richard Sandnesaunet 30 Sweden Hiking, movies
Joy Chen 31 China reading,movies,swimming
cheryl 31 Singapore Writing Letters
Raul Montes Quesada 36 Spain Read, sports, dance, pop music, laughing, tumbing,...
eric otema 37 Uganda Music, Chess, Volunteering, Adventures
peter mugendi 37 Kenya making friends,listening to music,soccer,cooking,r...
Mawolus 38 Germany party, friends! including a lot of fun
Andi 39 United States surfing, photography, reading, cooking
Carl 40 United States Travelling
Emi 41 United States Currently incarcerated, sports, movies, reading,tr...
s.p 42 India reading writing and travelling
mercy ann 45 Canada football
Edehn 46 United States recording electronica hip hop music, travel, exer...
manuelmx 49 Mexico read, swim, camping, music
Atrius 49 Canada excersize, fitness, science
Sam 50 Ireland Basketball (watching, not playing..i have 2 left f...
Elizabeth Nadauld 77 United Kingdom people reading gardening pets art appreciation life
John Martin 77 United Kingdom Reading, walking, gardening, learning German, talk...