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Name Age Country Hobbies
Aniku Xavier 14 Uganda riding
Евгения 16 Russian Federation изучение языков,бисероплет...
Eva 19 Netherlands Hockey
Elida Martisen 21 Norway Football and skiing
Emma 22 Australia Playing flute, reading, languages, skyrim, LOTR, n...
YanJun(ming) 23 China Computer Games
Gwen 23 Taiwan singing and exercising
Valentina 23 Italy Music, books, rock and metal music, writing, manga...
Lara 23 Italy singing, playing instrument, reading , friends
Suzette 25 United States Reading, music, fashion
Magaly Gastelum 26 United States Running, Playing ukulele
Alex 26 Italy Videogames,book,music
Tatiana 27 Russian Federation biology, trekking, climbing, guitar
Rizza 27 Philippines watching movies, listening to music, having fun an...
luigi 30 Argentina guitar, cooking , reading
Lára 31 Iceland just do all the things that are fun to do
Arielle L Pyles 32 United States ingWrit
Du Omar 33 Philippines Photography, reading, watching movies, analyzing c...
Christine 37 Germany travelling, readying, cinema, riding, running, swi...
Tatiana 40 Russian Federation reading, sport, children
Yolamu Kamdambo 41 Malawi Reading, Travelling, Praying, Internet.
Yong Kian Meng 43 Singapore travel
Devison Nyambe 44 Malawi Chating,making Newfriends,reading Papers,learning ...
Askar 45 Kazakhstan reading
Georgezomlal 46 India friendship[
Edina 46 Hungary running, gardening, drawing, wildlife watching
baawa larry 51 Ghana reading,travelling and watching foot ball
Abu Naser 52 Malaysia walking,swiming, reading
Eric 58 India Sports, Reading, Cooking
Vicky 60 Malawi music, reading, watching TV, travel
Victoria Kanyenda 60 Malawi Travelling, Reading , Watching TV
LECLERCQ Beatrice 64 Belgium Reading, writing, travelling, studying languages
Hiroshi Miyazaki 65 Japan camera,movie,jogging,trip
Cor 66 Netherlands Chats, PC, Travel, Outgoing, Music
Leny Hoyt 67 United States Gardening, dancing, reading, listening to music
Isabella van der Merwe 82 South Africa Travel, Music, Art, Swimming, Cycling, reading