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Members birthday on: July 12
Name Age Country Hobbies
Ann 16 China writing,drawing,taking trip
Alina 19 Ukraine traveling
Emrecan 19 Turkey Play football,play basketball,play computer games ...
Rossella 20 Italy Music, dance, read, anime, manga, Japan
Alejandro Villegas 22 Mexico Art, Photography, design
Beatrice 22 Italy dance, books, movies
lorenzo 22 Italy tennis
Anna 22 Italy sport,listening music,cooking,drawing,shopping
Debbie 22 Hong Kong Swimming
Floatontheflowersea 23 China read,music,painting,writtting
Dorcas 23 Ghana Music, swimming , movies , reading , traveling , s...
dorcas 23 Ghana music, cooking, movies, swimming, cooking, traveli...
mario 23 Canada drawing,talking to new people,going online to meet...
James Elimlim. 25 Kenya Singing,watching movies and reading novels
Chiara 25 Italy Bass Playing, Videogames, Films, Mangas, books...
Mary-ann Lolo 26 Philippines Cooking,dancing, planting etc.
kelebogile 26 South Africa travelling
Joshua Bell 28 United Kingdom Too many to list fully, so here\'s a start: Tolkie...
Muthoni Ndiritu 30 Kenya Watching movies, Hiking, Reading novels & Listeni...
Martin 31 Uganda Reading, swimming
Osei Eric 32 Ghana playing football and volley ball and listening to ...
Violetta 32 Russian Federation going out with friends, travelling, reading, sport...
Saiid 35 Morocco Football,fishing,
Manuel Heimberg 35 Switzerland traveling, sports, cinema,
miralda 36 Netherlands make fun.. music... movies
BSalim2016 39 Morocco Reading, listening to music (esp. Indie rock/Folk ...
Noel 41 France Reading, History, learning about other cultures, n...
Dale 43 Australia Music Art Photography Travel Movies
Marcin 43 Poland Internet, computers, good music (rap and a bit of ...
Valéria Marques 44 Brazil read, study, see films and series
Natalya Zelenina 50 Russian Federation Knitting, music
Ronn 64 Netherlands Computer, Writing, Reading, Biking
Eduardo Martinez 70 United States Art, hiking, soccer, reading