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Details for account no: 240780
Name: rebecca Dufur (Click to send message)
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Gender: Female
Date of Birth: July 11, 1971 -> 53 years
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Location: new caney, TX, United States
Primary Language: english
Other Languages:
Religion: pagan
Education: high school
Profession: disabled housewife
Hobbies writing poetry,reading.reality tv, music, nature, practicing magik
Would like to be friends with: Both Male & Female from 18 to 99 years
Prefer to get mail by: Both email & regular mail
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Something to say: i am 46 will be 47 july 11,2019. i am trying to collect as many bday and post cards i can from around the world. i write poetry and short stories and am presently working on a book about my own life story. i waqs born to two alchoholic parents and have no siblings. i am not close to either parent so my only family are my hubby and kids and inlaws and friends i consider my family. i was born with fetal alcohol syndrome and have been dealing with the effects of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders my entire life. i am married to one man for the past 30 years and we have had 4 children together all my children have the same biological father. he haqs been to priwson 4 times during those 30 years and my kids went to see their father twice a month every time so they have never not known or not had a relationship with their one and only father and his last two times in were 5 flat years and 7 flat years. i myself have no criminal record other than a few traffic tickets for no inspection sticker and one ticket for a dog that is not even mine in florida! i am not a liberal nor am i republican i think they both suck. i am me. i do however support donald trump over hillary clinton and yes i did vote for him and will again in 2020. i am 420 friendly and want it legalized in every state and i myself have been smoking for 33 years. i have 3 living children, 29,27, and 19 and my dead son just turned 26. our grandkids are 9,4 and 2. and a step grandson i love just as much who is 6. i love all types of music but metal is my fave. anything else ya wanna know, just ask :)
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