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Name Age Country Hobbies
Brianna 15 United States Reading, crafts, babysitting
Nastya 17 Russian Federation music, films,reading, cooking, animals, sport, for...
Jennifer Chavez 17 United States Art,painting,drawing
Lera 19 Russian Federation I like to draw, listen to music, read different bo...
20 Singapore Lazing around
Luca Roncalli 21 Italy Architecture, drawing, learning languages.
Leia 21 Taiwan read,music
Megan Morawski 21 United States Reading, Singing, Listening to music, Sports, Friends
Eduardo 22 Mexico basketball, videogames, reading, playing guitar
Laure 22 Belgium Drawing, fotografy, singing, going out, playing th...
Xandria 24 United States Art, drawing, latin dancing, anime, travel, road t...
Hillary 27 United States Gaming/Reading/Writing
Mimi5528 28 Germany making friends, writing, reading
sabinaaidan 30 United States hello
Joshua owiredu 30 Ghana Playing football,reading and singing
Robyn 31 United States hanging with friends, listening to music, sports-e...
Matthew Weimar 32 United States Trivia, sports, video games
ana maria 32 Romania writiing, travelling, handcraft
rose 32 Uganda traveling,music,reading,sports and riding
Elena 32 Mexico listening to music (variety of groups, mainly -but...
adelah 33 Botswana swimming, sewing, decorating, crafts
mohammed aliu 34 Ghana playing of football
kelvin 40 United States cooking
Ivana 41 United States Music
Francesco Benvenuti Lucchetta 42 Unknown Scrittore
Ryan 44 South Africa Movies, reading, Martial arts, golf, all sport, de...
Tracey 45 United Kingdom Reading, Music, Sports, Animals, Pen Palling, Walk...
iddrisuayisharamos 50 United States playing football,swimming,dancing,
julie 50 Australia reading, bike riding, walking, travelling, meeting...
marc 53 Switzerland Sport
Kevin 53 United Kingdom collecting.walking,swimming,classic cars,travel,
Donato 54 Japan Philosophy - Science - Culture - Arts
Pat 56 Thailand reading
Kristiina 58 Finland crafts, reading, cooking etc
mark 59 United States golf, scuba, camping, movies dance,music
CHEE KUEN LEONG 61 Singapore Reading
michael island 63 United States fishing