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Name Age Country Hobbies
weizihao 16 China language learning,piano music
Giovanna 19 Singapore Shopping, Blogging, Dancing, Reading, Writing, Sin...
Itsuki 19 Japan playing with animals, rabbit, volleyball, watchin...
Hanna 20 Ukraine reading, postcrossing, penpaling.
yina 21 Malaysia travel, eating , watching tv
Sheridan Ward 22 Australia Learning French, writing, reading.
Brooklyn 24 United States Basketball, cooking, playing with kittens, watchin...
Nouf 26 Saudi Arabia Languages, Sport, Music, Traveling and Photography
George 27 New Zealand Football/Soccer, Art, Travel, Nature/Outdoor activ...
Claudia 28 Italy Books, animals, natur, friends, life and so on
Ben Ssentongo 30 Uganda Music, sports & Dancing
Eri 32 Japan watching TV, eating
jennyann 33 Philippines surfing the net
Róisín 36 Ireland Art, reading, sewing, drawing, music, movies, hist...
Gregg 12699-073 38 United States Jeeps, Painting, Guitar, Pottery
Hin Wai Yip 43 Malaysia History, Geography, Nature, Stamps, etc.
Yvonne 44 United States Travel, reading, movies
Natalya 47 United States Letters, writing, travelling
Joe 48 United States Hiking
Mihály Kovács 49 Hungary News, music, travel, family
Matson Dezi 50 Malawi sending and receiving post cards, taking photos, w...
Romano 52 Netherlands Travel, walking, reading, sports,
Marina 55 Russian Federation cats,dogs,gardening
Elaine Lee-McPherson 55 United States reading, listening to music, exchanging small toke...
Eli 55 Czech Republic travelling, reading, meeting people
Tetuya 55 Japan Watching movies, learning foreign languages, drivi...
Raymond Wesley 61 United Kingdom swimming, reading
donatella 63 Italy Travelling, reading, write emails
mei2008 64 China Reading, Internet, music, TV, gym, travel
Hana Řimsová ing. 66 Czech Republic languages, travelling, meeting new friends, readin...