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Members birthday on: June 29
Name Age Country Hobbies
Yentl 18 Belgium Dancing, drawing, hanging out with friends
Moriah 19 Hong Kong sport ,chatting,cultural exchange
Garrett Jasnicki 22 United States Listening to music, hiking, swimming, unicycling, ...
sekar hp 22 Indonesia listening music, reading novels, and photography
Sarah 23 Indonesia Writing, Reading, Watching Movies, Painting, Playi...
Zieah 23 Malaysia Photograph,Biology
Pika 24 Singapore Piano
Luisa González 28 Colombia Reading, cinema
Gabby 28 Ghana chatting
Claudia 28 Italy movies,soccer,basketball,tv shows,music
Kacie 33 United States Hiking, reading, music, practicing martial arts, t...
Vasilisa 33 Russian Federation Too many. Study and creativity.
hawajalloh 35 Ghana singing, talking, reading
moenierah joseph 35 South Africa Reading, out doors, spending time family
Sarah 36 United States Writing letters, sending postcards, reading, swapp...
Lulu 36 China reading, movies, shopping
mhatet tuando 37 Philippines eating
Jo Rosario Cordova 41 Philippines reading books, watching movies, writing friends
PETER 42 Tanzania Watching TV, Reading, internet surfing,going beach...
Unaqian 47 China reading
Yuri 48 Ukraine Traveling, psychology
Junko 48 Japan Music,Travel,Shopping
Galina 56 Russian Federation reading, travelling, knitting
Sophie Wang 56 Taiwan travel, reading
Dennis 62 Canada Golf, reading, dining, dancing,
Ken 62 United States Reading, Emailing, Travel
doug7347 73 United States chess, bridge, go, science, economics, movies, music