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Name Age Country Hobbies
Hunter Donovan 16 United States Reading, writing, traveling, sports
Carl-Oscar 17 Norway Drag queen
Sultan Salhina 18 Tanzania Playing Basketball ,swimming
ryanbodet 19 United States pokemon,soccer,running,all nighters
Jessey 20 Australia Fishing, camping, horse riding, photography and dr...
Valentina 20 Italy Drawing/cinema/music/cooking
Ulytic Iron 20 China guitar
Kate 20 Russian Federation Rock music,traveling to the different countries.
Ирина 22 Russian Federation Dancing volleyball drawing
Amanda 23 Australia Reading
shakti 24 India acting .writing
Andres 24 Mexico Sports, books, party, traveling.
Marta Viviani 24 Italy Pretty anything (reading, music, talking, tv serie...
Iris1995 25 China films,reading,painting,cooking,writting
楊甄 25 Taiwan 聽音樂
Anna 27 Finland writing, learning languages, traveling
Anna 27 Finland painting, photography, writing, traveling, music, ...
To_Vivi 28 China sing
Ip Wing Sum 28 Hong Kong films, languages, books, food, travel, cultures
Magenta 29 Netherlands Reincarnating
gabrielmensah 29 Ghana reading,chating
Leila 31 Taiwan Travel and Eat
KayKay 32 Germany Musik Freunde Tiere
Ali 33 Iran Movie, TV Series, blue music
Tumbo Kabona 34 Tanzania Chatting, evening workout, jocks, etc
Mavis 35 Ghana Reading,cooking,movies
Diana Kretschmer 38 Germany Reading books, writing stories (fantasy), Diamond ...
Enoch Kweku Dufe 38 Ghana gardening,reading,soccer and teaching
Diana Kretschmer 38 Germany foreign languages, writing (letters, stories, ...)...
Tauwee Mclean 40 Jamaica Gym,swimming, nature walks
NICOLA 42 Italy trakking
Aivz 42 Philippines Traveling
rado ang 42 Cambodia reading, writing , watching TV
Evgen 43 Ukraine Englich language
Wilson Tumu 45 Papua New Guinea Playing rugby
Nicole Chidester 46 United States cooking, movies, taking care of my children
Helen 52 United States Traveling and reading
Anna Ericsson 54 Sweden reading, movies,animals and travel,my friends
Elvira 59 Russian Federation travelling,gardening,hiking, theatre, meeting inte...
ajw 59 United Kingdom GLOBAL GREEN & WORLD PEACE
Ron Dozier 60 United States professional musician, technologist
Tricia 62 United States reading, walking, bowling, sewing, music, sports
Bret Hassman 62 United States computers and internet,music,photography,travel
Gerard 66 Argentina Reading Movies Theater
George 69 United States reading, writing, painting, philosophy, physics, t...
Hoo Ah Ton 79 Malaysia Penpalling,Reading
Otto Weller 87 Germany penpal, reading, gardening,animals, stamps,