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Name Age Country Hobbies
T L 19 Finland Swimming
Ali 20 Ivory Coast Foot
Alzano Nietella 21 Kenya Reading,swimming, chatting, singing,
Mathias AUGUSTE 21 France Football, randonnées, sorties nature, pêche
Loveday 22 China Music.Films.Travel.Food.
mafalda bosio 22 Italy leggere scrivere fotografia disegno moda viaggi
Ami Katsuhara 23 Japan watching movie
Megane 23 Burkina Faso Chanter, Danser, Lire
Kanae 23 United States Tumblr, Reading/Writing, Astrology, Watching TV
David Blue 23 United States rapping ps3 drawing minecraft gaming basketball dr...
Michelle 24 China Movie, franch
Charlotte Nutter 24 United Kingdom Olly Murs, Sharks
ShiroTori 24 Russian Federation Drawing, writing, hiking and e.t.c.
Axelle.v 24 Belgium Dancing | Singing | Writing
Axelle.va 24 Belgium Dancing -
Alessia 26 Italy Photography, Writing.
Carolyne Adongo 27 Kenya Traveling watching movies cooking interactt
wen 27 China music,reading,playing guitar,taekwondo
Michael Burt 27 United States Sports, Reading, Photography, Learning about diffe...
Marilu 28 Germany reading, music, watching series, hanging around wi...
noodle.mush 29 France Read, to play the guitar, video games, outside act...
Hannes 29 Germany mountainbikes, rock/metal festivals, firedepartmen...
Ydnic 30 Philippines Any Outdoor activites
Taylor Kingsley 30 United States Photography, Painting, Reading, Writing, Drawing.
Elisa 30 Italy whatching movies, reading, cooking, playing cards,...
Sung Wook Choi 31 Korea Watching Movies..?
Roy 32 China reading,travelling
Anastasiya 32 Russian Federation sport, literature, music
Melby 34 Zambia Movies,Reading,Sightseeing & Garden
Mattia 34 Italy Sport, music, reading, movies, going out, playing ...
Mike090 36 United States Video games
JOAN85 36 United States reading, watching movies, traveling, etc
Lydia 37 Uganda Adventuring, reading motivating literature, listen...
Josee 37 Canada cooking, Garden, food, jogging, cat, brocante, tra...
Mike Maloba 37 Kenya socializing,movies,computers,going places e.t.c
Widianto 38 Indonesia travelling, watching movies, football
Ana Sun 39 China cooking,travel
hassani mohammed 40 Morocco travels, cooking, camping, fishing
Deep Narayan 40 Nepal Making friends, nature tour
Venus 40 China music computer English Spanish cooking
Ochaya Nelson 43 Uganda Travelling and watching gospel music
mawa 45 Japan Pohotography, music
anais 47 Philippines reading
Zura 50 Georgia Making new friends, traveling, cooking, photograph...
David 52 Australia walking, sports, reading, botany, computer
Rick 52 United States tennis, outdoors, movies, family and friends
ngufor 57 Gabon communication
patrick mugo 63 Kenya volly ball
Albina 64 Lithuania painting, criss-cross pattern
oldbull1 66 United Kingdom travel
Arun 69 Canada Reading, travelling, tv, movies, etc
Lura 72 United States Reading/Arts/Crafts