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Name Age Country Hobbies
Anne 18 Netherlands Hockey, Netflix , making friends and talk to peopl...
Hanna 19 Austria Scouts, arts, go out with friends
Jane John 19 Tanzania Reading
Iruna 22 Lithuania Traveling , learning new languages
Chelsea 22 Canada Horse back riding, gymnastics, cooking
Sally 24 Canada Video games, drawing, piano
Lameez Abrahams 25 South Africa reading, writing, photography, swimming
Amy 25 Taiwan drawing,biking,science
Ilona 25 Netherlands Dancing, writing
giulia 26 Italy playing volleybal, watch enduro race, sunbath, tr...
Matteo 27 Italy Casa
galactic_yogurt 27 Ukraine Drawing, art, film photography, cycling, camping, ...
Kyle Choi 28 Korea Music
Nadine 30 Canada Picnics, taking pictures, listening to music, danc...
Maureen 31 United Kingdom Reading
Carol Anne 35 Philippines Watching TV & movies, window shopping, hanging out...
Milda 35 Lithuania writing letters, reading, surf the net,...
Julius Gaye 36 Guinea singing, dancing and practicing
Tim Yuan 36 China reading,music,sport,instrument
Sofía Razo 37 Mexico Writing, reading, watching movies
Linda Ashante 39 Ghana Listening to music, reading,
Sarah 39 Germany Writing letters, scrapbooking, travelling
Therse Leon 40 Seychelles reading,lisening to music,watching tv,cooking
Margaret Stephenson 41 United Kingdom writing a book,reading,politics
Eve 41 Hungary reading, writing, watching films, listening to mus...
Magi 43 United Kingdom Reading, cooking
Stephi 52 Germany my family, reading, pc, my cats, walking
ranaivo 54 Madagascar fishing
Leo Oorschot 61 Netherlands writing, reading, city live, running and hiking
Paul 62 Germany hiking, cycling, gardening, music
Steve Vernal 66 New Zealand Motor racing, outdoor activities, naturism
Sandra 78 United Kingdom Reading, Music, Cooking and History are some of my...
Leonard Hartl 82 United States travel, fishing, gardening, reading, all sports, e...