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Name Age Country Hobbies
Mia 18 United States Dance, music, writing
simone 18 Italy sport
Lola 18 United Kingdom Making things
Marijke 19 Belgium Dancing, LEGO, swimming, reading Harry Potter
Михайлов Иннокентий 21 Russian Federation Games
kijoy 22 China songs,basketball
Laura 22 Germany piano, dancing, reading, volleyball, baking, cooki...
Roman 22 Netherlands Sports, Music, Photograpy, Traveling
shamsher basnet 24 Nepal tour
Kia Tyler 26 United States Watching movies, outdoor activities, reading, list...
Rachel 27 United States Reading, Drawing, Cycling
jerom 27 Belgium swimming ,music
Paride 27 Italy Travelling, Reading, Music,
Nyaan 27 Germany Watching films, reading books, learning, watching ...
Paballo 28 South Africa reading, exploring
Peter Kazimoto 30 Tanzania Football
Tutut Novalia 30 Indonesia Reading
K Y 32 Japan traveling,game,manga,postcard,musical,circus
Elisabetta 32 Italy Equitazione, leggere
Esther Amoako 35 Canada watching my favorite movies
Julie 35 Germany photography,dancing (esp.argentine tango, but the ...
Jason 37 United States Photography, Writing, Videography, Reading, Gardening
Tina 38 United Kingdom Cooking
Lana smith 40 Trinidad and Tobago Looking at art, singing,dancing, sailing,
Alice 41 United Kingdom Cooking, Reading
wayne 43 United States karate,guitar,motorcycles,much more
jocelyn 46 Philippines readng and watchng movies
Gala 49 Russian Federation Flamenco dance, photography, drawing, singing jazz
galchy 49 Russian Federation flamenco dancing, taking photos, drawing, studying...
Darlene 53 United States Knitting, Crochet, Sewing, Soap Making, Canning, G...
Anita Roell 61 United States scrapbooking, photography, gardening especially roses
Gwendolyn Hardin 72 United States FOOTBALL AND FISHING