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Name Age Country Hobbies
Olesya 13 Russian Federation guitar, swimming,tennis,moomins, singing,traveling
Anna 17 United States CAP,
Anna Cunnigham 17 United States Youtuber, gamer and writer
sydna kennedy 18 United States animals photography reading art
Christina 20 United States Football, Soccer, Volleyball
Mason Brannigan 20 Japan Soccer, Hanging out, Reading, Listening to music
Lucky 21 China movie, travel
Adriana 22 Mexico Painting, travelling, reading, running...
Mary 22 United States Watching movies, listening to music, reading
Jesse 22 Australia Piano, Guitar,, Poetry, Singing, Modelling, Photog...
Cati 23 Italy music
kim 23 Spain Traveling,Bodyboard,Surf ,
Baodong Ma 24 China write
Nikky 24 United Kingdom Art, travelling, reading, music
Leah 24 United States Cooking, writing, photography
wesley 28 Malawi music, sports
stella 29 Cyprus Listening to music and watching movies
Andrew Williams 30 United States working on cars, reading, writing
Andrew Williams 30 United States mechanics, reading, writing
Olga 30 Russian Federation travelling,reading, movies, fitness,
Joshua 31 United States Fencing, marksmanship, rally, cooking, gardening, ...
Regan 31 Canada Biking, Hiking, Swimming, Tennis, Billiards, Arche...
Nia 36 Indonesia Lots of things
Thabata 36 Brazil Lomography, Circus, Trips
rosa 37 United States football
Nathan 39 Netherlands Playing basketball, Snooker, (ice) skating, swimmi...
Steve Black 41 United States Dogs, Linux, Parenting, cooking, Russian, Spanish
Doyle macks 41 United States Working out
Jindriska 43 Czech Republic hiking, photography, kids, music, movies and much ...
ADEBISI OLUGBENGA 47 Nigeria writing, Music, Sporting
Darren 47 Canada writing, hackey sack, hockey followed by cigarette...
pina 51 Italy reading, writing, photograph, travelling,cooking, ...
Rhonda Handyside 54 United Kingdom History,Books,Countryside,Wildlife,Contemporary Ch...
Rhonda Swan 54 United Kingdom History,Books,Photography,The countryside, and sna...
Ferguson 55 United States Fighting
James 59 United States Music, photography, travelling, making friends all...
Paul Newberry 60 United Kingdom reading listening to music watching old films fish...