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Members birthday on: October 09
Name Age Country Hobbies
victor 20 Italy music football
Rei 21 South Africa Fine arts, Reading, Cooking, Dance
Sofia Brednikova 22 Russian Federation Art, guitar
Selene 22 Italy Nuoto
Helen Slater 22 United Kingdom music, diving
Aries Dawn 23 United States Books, art, language
Jenny Tomas 24 Philippines anime
Doriana 24 Italy danza, musica
Alvin 25 Malawi Games
Leonardo 25 Italy arte
jelissa 27 Cameroon singing, reading novels, watching movies,listening...
sandhya herma 27 India dancing and reading
Gwen Stevens 28 United Kingdom the usual movies, going out, cannot even think hah
Jared Lush 29 Australia meditation, yoga, reading, chess
Edwin Esquivel 29 Guatemala Read
Grace 29 United States listening to music, meeting new people, cooking,...
vania 30 Senegal sports,swimming,Runing
mimie hiser 30 United States friends,movies,books,hanging out,harry potter,animals
leann yossett 32 United States reading music writing
aninda 33 Indonesia swimming, watching football, travelling, go to museum
Olga 34 Taiwan music.movie.travel
GHANDI 36 Morocco Fishing
hakim 36 Algeria sport music reading travel
Maria 38 Italy Singing
Belinda Carey 39 United States Traveling and reading
Kornelia 39 Poland meeting people, getting to know them, active leisu...
Mikkel Xu Weijuan 39 Singapore Cycling,Soccer,Reading,Movies,Computers,Making New...
Dolorizs G. Toledo 42 Philippines watching tv
Tomo 44 Japan Reading manga and novel. Play a Game. Watching Ja...
Barbara 46 Spain reading, drawing, writing, traveling, music, films...
Dennis Oke 49 United States Sports,reading,listening to music,dancing,writing ...
Max 51 Italy Classical music, opera, linguistics, arts
Debbie Akiiki 56 Uganda Watching Tv, hung out, listen to music,cooking, wa...
Gary 59 United States Reading, TV, Internet
Steve 69 United Kingdom Keeping fit, gardening