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Members birthday on: October 10
Name Age Country Hobbies
Fels Lin 16 Taiwan Lego, reading, table tennis, violin
Zack 17 Australia Fishing , reading, guitar
Lee Henson 17 Philippines Painting, reading, playing the guitar
Kamilla Nur 17 Russian Federation drawing
minglan 18 China guess...
francesca 18 Italy musica, danza
Beauty Beauty 20 United States Foot-ball, swimming, reading
flora 20 Netherlands Fieldhockey, dancing, being with friends, socializing
Didier 20 Netherlands Reading, movies, chatting
Kaho 21 Japan cheer
Nastya 22 Russian Federation reading, playing games, watching series, writing l...
Zhujingwen 22 China Reading,writing,travelling
Rainylin 22 Taiwan art,movies,music,shopping,reading
alee 24 China music ,sports,reading,study
Amber Du 24 China photograph cooking movie
Pradyot 24 India singing,baking,learning new languages.......,,,......
saul jones 25 Canada socializing
joen 25 China writing,tv,movie,music
Svetlana 25 Russian Federation Drawing, learning foreign languages
Macdavis Agbehadzi 26 Ghana Reading
marry 26 Senegal ask me
Aliyah 26 Uganda cooking reading
Uli 26 Germany swim, travel, football, music, ride
钱小怡 26 China 烘培 DIY
Aliyah Sarah 27 Uganda making friends, cooking, listening to music, watch...
Jim 28 China fishing,cooking,basketball
Pappu Pasha 28 India playing football, Swimming and to stay involved in...
nickshoemaker 28 Japan Music, reading, watching films
Inna 28 Mali travel, reading and sport
Giulia 28 Italy Travelling, reading, writing, play keyboard, drawing
Jack 30 China History, art, culture, food, sports, etc
shania 31 Senegal reading and writung
Dmitry 31 Russian Federation Science, Finance, Travel, Education, Movies, Compu...
T. 32 United States Movies, music, reading, some beers and many more ...
Ashley 32 United States Reading, watching Kdramas, listening to music, rea...
Hiro 32 Japan cooking, gardening, Knitting, shopping, watching ...
Diana 33 Ghana football, cooking, swimming
Hsu 34 Taiwan Reading, Traveling
Antonis 34 Greece music, MUN, watching movies, going out with friend...
Gio Yuan 35 China Travel,Photograph,Music,Painting,skateboarding,lot...
sophiadesmond 36 United States sports
Cindy 36 Belgium penpalling, cooking, travelling, watching movies, ...
sahe 37 Germany Movies,swimming
Benson Nyamula 38 Malawi chatting and making new friends
Valdemar 38 Russian Federation survivalist
pdkannan 39 India Food Ball
Christina M Hammock 40 United States reading and other
Pema Gyeltshen 41 Bhutan making frirends
John 41 Ukraine Music, programming
Cynthia 44 Nigeria Cooking, watching movies and playing games
Gracca Mellow 44 Tanzania Reading,Watching Movies, Listen Radio, Shopping, P...
MANYAKALA 44 Malawi Reading/Walking/Listening to gospel music
Olga Murape 44 South Africa like trying new things the rest find out later
Zoli 45 Hungary trips, relaxation, cooking-backing etc
marabih 45 Mauritania Sport ,football,music,readingand watching tv
patrick eromonsele 46 Nigeria reading,football
Mathias L. Kamara 49 Liberia laughing, witnessing movie, reading
Fazel 49 South Africa movies,reading, soccer
Michael K. Morgan 50 United States Freemasonry, Coin Collecting, Studying Comparative...
Kalle1163 51 Germany Travel, Read, learn other Language
Kerstin 51 Germany Reading, travelling, photography, tv, movies, my t...
Abeke Oni 52 Nigeria Reading and Singing
Susan 52 Canada photography, reading, writing, hiking, mountain bi...
Steven Chares 55 United States Football
Abeke Oni 55 Nigeria Reading and Writing
Yona Mwanza 56 Tanzania Preaching and reading Bible
red rose 57 India sports and Writings
david62HDE 57 United Kingdom Too boring to admit mainly but travel, history and...
thomas morris 59 United States i love playing video games lol
marimbatones 63 Japan reading SF(science fiction) and other books, liste...
John Blakey 63 United Kingdom Reading
Sakti Chatterjee 66 India Photography, Computer
Chan 100 Iran travelling, reading, cooking, gardening