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Members birthday on: September 19
Name Age Country Hobbies
Ksenia 18 Russian Federation a lot of them
Sophie 19 United Kingdom Gaming, Fashion, Singing, Cycling (and Lots More!)
Gin 21 Philippines watching movie, playing basketball
Isa y Pedro 21 Spain Playing Football
chloe 21 United States photo taking,making movies,
Carla 22 Saint Lucia yoga, art, drawing, anime, language and culture
Emma 22 Italy Disegnare,piante e animali, natura,videogames,tutt...
Daphne 24 Netherlands Horseriding, dancing
Giusy 25 Italy reading and writing
alaina 26 United States ,meet new people, read,
Gabriele Tropiano 30 United Kingdom music production
Ligo 31 China travel and dance
Melissa Meintjes 38 United States writing, drawing, reading
Melissa Meintjes 38 United States walking, reading, cooking,
John Hector 40 Kenya racing
drmerit 41 United Kingdom dancing reading cooking and traveling
Nicolas Leo 45 France listening to music, reading, sports, and surfing t...
Steven Frostdahl 48 Finland Having a good time
Hiroko 49 Japan watching musical, travelling,origami,writing,going...
Roumyana 50 Bulgaria travel, sport, postcard exchange
Rebecca Nakanwagi 56 Uganda church music, singing, cracking jocks
Kim Janssen 57 United States Reading, sewing, making reborn dolls, gardening, ...
Olga 57 Russian Federation English, travelling,penpalling, gardening, computer
Andrea Perrotta 58 Italy stamps, phonecards, postcards and friends
Tomoko Shimizu 61 Japan traveling, cooking, yoga, reading, watching movies...
Johnstone A Malinda 71 Kenya Reading,writing,gardening,gospel music and country...
Bill Michaels 75 United States Photography, travel, fishing, art, music-classical...