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Members birthday on: April 04
Name Age Country Hobbies
Tiger 17 United States Wood cutting
Javi 18 Spain Anime
Elaine 19 United States Writing, drawing
FRANK 21 China basketball.music
Inès 21 France Piano, read
Виктория 21 Belarus рисование, музыка, книги
Jessica 21 France Youtube, MPA, Reading, Thrillers, Asian Cultures
Maëlle Ruiz 21 France athlétisme
张志豪 22 China cycling
Joyce 23 Uganda Music, swimming
ros01 23 France daddy
Lada 23 Russian Federation Theater
Riley 24 United States Animals, music,
onita Oluwatimilehin 24 Nigeria watching TV, reading science books and talking abo...
Polina 24 United Kingdom meeting new people
Maike B 25 Netherlands All forms of Art, Squash, dancing
mozey faruku 26 Uganda Football
Hikari 26 Japan atlas,one ok rock, food
mukoyani erick 26 Kenya reading
loves010 26 Netherlands Watching movies, music, friends
Elena 26 Italy I like photography, cinema and music
Di Kwok 26 Hong Kong Reading, drawing, daydreaming >v<
xuzeking 27 China movies,traveling,making friends
tom muwonge reinecke 27 Uganda sharing with kids,meeting new friends,traveling
lieven 27 China music movies cook singing travel etc
Mbambu Gladys 29 Uganda swimming,cooking,making friends and comedy
ABOUKA 29 Togo voyage,musique, football
AMONLEBA 30 Togo music
amonleba 30 Togo sport
eko 30 France music, language, travel
Audrey Jeanette 30 United States working with kids, dancing, reading, painting and ...
Yassin Muragijimana 31 Rwanda Actuality
Zoé.Ana 31 China Cooking, traveling, reading
katerega 31 Uganda computers, reading, hiking,traveling
Manuel 31 Ghana Sports, biking, travelling
Almaasahmad 32 United States reading & working
penda 32 United States READ
Pooya 32 Iran Thinking, reading, Learning, Talk with my friends....
Niay 34 Iran Internet
mwihaki muigai 35 Kenya Reading
nwalove 36 United States reading
Frank 37 Guinea-Bissau sport
nsbuga tonny 37 Uganda JONISOM
abid 37 Pakistan WATCHING MOVIES
Amsalu Emiru Lemessa 39 Azerbaijan reading and watchin movie
abbas 39 Iran movie
Vijay Sharma 39 India Listeing Music , Dancing, Travelling
Vittoria 40 Italy book, sport, cook, film
Sangye Tshomo 41 Bhutan Watching movies
Jasmin Dotollo 41 Philippines reading,watching tv
Appiah yaw 41 Ghana Listening to music, and reading
Viktor 42 Ukraine God, design
seeba juabin 42 Ghana music,reading,swimming
Davies 43 Zambia Athletics,Singing, Playing soccer
Giórgia Nunes 47 Brazil I like to talk
Rohan 48 Jamaica Football
florian 51 Ireland travelling, writing, cooking, reading, languages
Kerri 52 United States Reading, everything outdoors, learning new things/...
Gum Sik Nam 52 Korea SOCCER
Izzy 54 Netherlands Readin,traveling and Music
Brenda 54 United States travel, photography
Trevor 55 Trinidad and Tobago reading, movies, sports
carole 57 United Kingdom crafts, computor courses, reading, puzzles, cookin...
anatole1963 58 Russian Federation hiking
Lance Alwood 58 United States Reading, Computer games, Exercising
Ingel 59 Estonia reading, psychology, foreign cultures, traveling, ...
Rick 60 Netherlands Reading, Guitar, sport,
Barry Dean Buckman 61 Canada Gardening, Hiking, Photography, Reading
peter 66 Malaysia Reading,fishing,making friends&playing dart
Ilander2020 67 Saint Lucia Life
Steve 68 United States cooking, lighthouses,music,sports,long walks,swimm...
marleen 69 Belgium grandchildren, penpalling,forreign languages, read...
Carol 69 United States Reading
Elisa 70 Germany nature, gardening, photography, music, foreign cou...
Renee 72 Canada Reading, TV, Driving in the country, Computer,
Vaucamps Françoise 75 China reading, cooking and baking, collecting postcards,...
pomki 78 New Zealand Fishing - Hunting - Photography