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Details for account no: 241912
Name: ArtistAtTheCorner (Click to send message)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: January 14, 1994 -> 27 years
Homepage: (note: Page will open in another window.To return, close the window)
Location: , , Philippines
Primary Language: English
Other Languages:
Religion: Catholic
Education: ( Empty... )
Profession: ( Empty... )
Hobbies Painting, Drawing, Listening to music --- Day dreaming
Would like to be friends with: Male from 26 to 35 years
Prefer to get mail by: Email only
Postal Addres: - The postal address is only visible for members -
Something to say: A person with a good heart and beautiful soul is what im praying for. I am always a believer, i do believe in things that doesnt exist, the same with the purest love.

I guess i just want to be with someone who could be both side of the scales - like a best friend and a partner. I find it inspiring, actually, the idea of not settling. Of knowing what you want and waiting patiently for it.

I am not beautiful, not head turner, doesn't have the body to die for, i am petite but i can proudly say i have a good heart. So please don't waste time reaching to me if you are just after physical appearance. For i know someday someone will choose me... And it make the moment even sweeter, because ive always been the last choice or the one that had been left behind. And when that finally happens -- i mean hoping it will -- when someone finally chooses me, ill be the best lover i could ever be.

We could have something amazing... A journey to happiness. So whoever you might be i wanna know you soon. I want to fell in love with your roots not just your flowers.
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Member since: May 19, 2019 00:40
Last active: July 11, 2019 20:08
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