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Name: John havard (Click to send message)
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Gender: Male
Date of Birth: March 21, 1957 -> 63 years
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Location: North bergen, NJ, United States
Primary Language: English
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Education: Master
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Hobbies Reading, swimming
Would like to be friends with: Both Male & Female from 40 to 90 years
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Something to say: Hi,
I am a Pragmatist.
And I believe that making friends can Simply be likened to threading into territories where our Actions and inactions would define Every length and Breath of your Relationship.
It's usually not enough to sit with your, just like Loved ones, holding hands and romantically explaining why you love cherish and admire them but Also, to be by them in and at, sad times.
You will endeavor to align your priorities such that, they don't mix up with your friends'. Because you don't want to end up explaining why you Couldn't do this or that at the Times you are needed most.
Somehow, I hope that Every Good friends out there, would have a good Reason to prove to their Friends out there. That there's always a better plan in place to help gain the needed balance in their lives.
No one or nothing they say, is Perfect.
So special moments matter more than Gold and Diamond.
And Honesty, humility among others, becomes a true cure for just about any misunderstanding between two who Truly wants friendship to Work.
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