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Details for account no: 238109
Name: Gasper (Click to send message)
Photo album: Click here
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: May 17, 1998 -> 25 years
Homepage: (note: Page will open in another window.To return, close the window)
Location: Newton, Kansas, United States
Primary Language: English
Other Languages: Some German
Religion: Pagan
Education: Some Highschool
Profession: Unemployment
Hobbies Drawing, singing, learning other languages
Would like to be friends with: Both Male & Female from 15 to 18 years
Prefer to get mail by: Email only
Postal Addres: - The postal address is only visible for members -
Something to say: I'm afraid of clowns, airplane flight, and Donald Trump.
I would like a penpal willing to help me learn Japanese. I love anime, drawing, jokes, cats, and people.
I'm good for venting to, and willing to put effort into friendships! I would love to learn about other cultures, and make some long term friends!

Please avoid talking to me if you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, or really just full of hate.
Please be aware that I am NOT SINGLE and I am a Transgender male, and I will not tolerate harassment.
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Member since: August 08, 2016 06:41
Last active: October 04, 2016 20:45
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