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Details for account no: 234243
Name: Terilyn Hernandez (Click to send message)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: August 01, 1967 -> 53 years
Homepage: (note: Page will open in another window.To return, close the window)
Location: Denver, CO, United States
Primary Language: English
Other Languages:
Religion: Christian
Education: Yes :)
Profession: Leadership
Hobbies Writing, Reading, Papercraft
Would like to be friends with: Both Male & Female from 30
Prefer to get mail by: Regular mail only
Postal Addres: - The postal address is only visible for members -
Something to say: I am not looking for an email pal and am not looking for a romantic connection or a hook up - I am really interested in writing and mailing letters.

I am a professional with a good career, a single mother with adult children and three grandchildren and am an introverted, creative soul. I enjoy writing, creating with my hands, reading, audiobooks, music, etc. I tend to be old fashioned and love all things antique and vintage. I write with fountain pens, love paper in all its forms and am trying my hand at blogging. As an introvert I think a lot and like to ponder life's questions big and small. I am fascinated with the time period from the Spanish American war through the world wars for some reason and gravitate to shows and movies of that era (Foyle's War, Bletchley Circle, Charlotte Grey, Downton Abby). Websites and blogs I frequent include Susannahconway.com, arghink.com, 37days.com, superherolife.com, jenniferlouden.com
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Member since: January 10, 2015 19:16
Last active: May 07, 2020 16:10
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