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Details for account no: 233415
Name: Marie Hansen (Click to send message)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: October 30, 1975 -> 45 years
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Location: , , United States
Primary Language: English
Other Languages:
Religion: ( Empty... )
Education: ( Empty... )
Profession: ( Empty... )
Hobbies art, literature, travel, music, following the beat of my own personal drum,
Would like to be friends with: Both Male & Female from 35 to 45 years
Prefer to get mail by: Both email & regular mail
Postal Addres: - The postal address is only visible for members -
Something to say: I am starting a new life. I have ended a very abusive marriage. For 8 years I was held down and beaten, emotionally and physically.

Before my marriage in 2006, I had lived in England for five years, studying and then working as a teacher. I plan to return to England again in the near future. My heart truly belongs in the UK, as I always felt at home there.

I am looking for male and female pen pals from the UK.

I am starting a brand new chapter in my life. I am stronger and so very wise now. I am also very selective about who I give my heart and mind to. Right now I am single and loving it. I am looking for friends, as that is the most important place to start...

Music is essential--mainly indie...Love shoe-gazing....crunchy, guitar-driven music...classics like Pink Floyd, the Stone Roses...Happy Mondays. I am a major Courtney Love fan, as her music has been a point of strength for me over the past few years for various reasons.

I used to write a lot, and am trying to get back into it again. I enjoy dabbling in photography and art. Both are a major form of therapy for me. I am a cat lover but love all animals.

I currently have five tattoos and am looking to get another one soon.

I have a creative, energetic personality. I love to laugh. I especially love cartoons: from the Family Guy to the Flintstones.

I am attracted to real and honest people. No smoke screens...no drama... I can smell it a mile away. I am originally from New Jersey and presently live in the beautiful Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

Please, no marriage proposals from the usual culprits in the usual suspect countries...Just UK pen pals with a penchant for offbeat yank anglophiles .
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Member since: October 02, 2014 06:03
Last active: October 03, 2014 01:39
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