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Details for account no: 121803
Name: Nurcan i. (Click to send message)
Photo album: Click here
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: April 24, 1966 -> 53 years
Homepage: (note: Page will open in another window.To return, close the window)
Location: Helsinki, , Finland
Primary Language: German
Other Languages: English (!), Finnish, Swedish, Dutch (can understand 99% of the spoken & written, can speak but hardly write!!), minimal French (can read)/ very littleTurkish
Religion: Tell you later
Education: quite a lot of uni, esp German literature & Theology
Profession: retired, part-time student
Hobbies (pls read *full* profile!) reading/books, writing/corr., photography, travel when able to afford it (!), postcrossing , listening to music, theology/religions/spiritualtiy, health/medical matters, psychology, walks, animals (esp cats!), etc etc
Would like to be friends with: Female from 25 to 97 years
Prefer to get mail by: Regular mail only
Postal Addres: - The postal address is only visible for members -
Something to say: German F, born 24.04.1966, looking for FEMALE postal (snail mail) pen friends. I'm friendly, sincere, kind, sensitive but also sensible and down-to-earth, bit shy, like international people (and chatty letters!). (They say attractive & intelligent as well...) Happily married to Belgian, two children, four cats, now living in Finland... born in Turkey (long-ish story), so love Turkey & have Turkish first name ;) In fact I feel half Turkish, half German & considered that by most Turks! ;)

Have many interests, see "hobbies";)
To name some preferences (please don't let them scare you away, lol) i would love 'snail mail'(or possibly email) letter females from Turkey, any Turkish, Turkic & "related" females; those fr ex-USSR Asian countries, the rest of Asia (esp KOREA, M'sia, S'pore), Oceania: mainly (small) islands, also most of Europe (esp. Scandinavia, Ireland, Greenland), Chile, & South Africa (=the country). I might answer a male (married, I hope) from my "preferences list" - it is strictly friendship "only"! ;)

I have never had a postcard pal, and since I was a bit into postcrossing a couple of years ago, that could be fun to try!!

Sensitivity & a good command of the English language a plus, but not a must at all! Have many health problems so not always fast at all at writing back!! (E-mail notes in between possible)

I'd appreciate it if you had some proper info on yourself here on your account/profile, but if you don't, pls write a bit about you in your first message. . .!!

Sorry can't write to more West Africans like Ghanaians, and do not answer young boys from there (or anywhere really) for sure! To tell you the truth, I often hear from mainland *Caucasian* USAmericans, (but I'm not really saying you shouldn't write at least if we have things in common.) Lol I don't want to sound racist but I'd like to write "non-Caucasians". It's just that if I write to many people of the same background in the same country, I have no time to write to others. ..I hope you know what I mean!
PLEASE only old fashioned postal letters, I normally don't penpal via email!!! (But pls send an email 1st telling me a bit about you.)
NO SPAM, scams, requests to "invest money" or "help" you with a large sum of money (examples of scam) or false charity cases - moreover, I really have no money! (No use to represent someone else either, I know why you do it and will find it out very soon!!)
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Member since: September 05, 2005 19:38
Last active: January 06, 2019 21:10
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