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Members birthday on: December 04
Name Age Country Hobbies
Kristina 12 Russian Federation reading, dogs, horses
Amina 13 Russian Federation Dance, writing
Towa 18 Japan guitar
heytherezey 19 Turkey photograph,music,anime,youtube
Yuna 21 Korea playing the violin, listening to pop music
Nur Amirah 22 Malaysia listening to music, watching movies
antonio 22 Italy sing
Jazzy 24 Switzerland gocart
Grant 25 United States Guitar, Singing, Drawing, Skateboarding, Listening...
stenven 27 China Listen to music travel swimming.
Viktor Plhak 27 Czech Republic Hanging out with friends, TV, PC, Swimming, Cyclin...
poofrog 28 Japan game, drawing, frogs, sleeping
Melissa Talavera 31 United States Writing
Liwen 32 Japan old books and philosophy
Sarah 35 Belgium Horseback Riding, Travelling, walking with my dog
Bradley 39 United States Music, reading, working out, cooking, outdoors
Joann 39 United States Working out, Crafts, Reading, Playing games online...
Claudia 41 Germany meeting interesting people all over the world, tra...
Melanie 42 France read, knit, crafts, cook
Veer_ 45 Russian Federation taking photos,traveling
trang 49 Viet Nam music, travel
Carol Jones 50 United States writing to people and doing my family tree
Sylvie 56 France, Metropolitan Writte à my friends, nature, animal, to walk , ...
stephen mills 57 United Kingdom writing,cooking,movies
Edward 57 United States reading, dance, music, religion, working out
Kari 62 Finland Handgraft, brassband, books, outdoorlife
Paolo 69 Croatia benessere e cucina
Karen Devers 70 United States Photography, watercolor painting, travel, gardenin...