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Members birthday on: September 14
Name Age Country Hobbies
Patricia 20 Germany Going out with friends, watching tv shows, listeni...
Ewa 21 Poland Sailing, poetry, movies,music music
Vivian S. 22 Brazil Watch anime, draw and read manga, dance and listen...
Francesco 23 Italy piano, tv, anime
Farrah Wahida 23 Malaysia drawing,swimming,reading,surfing internet
Sara Sanftleben 24 United States volleyball
Ngominang Domingo 25 Cameroon Driving
Sharon 25 Italy reading, cooking, watching TV series and film, tra...
Julia 29 Russian Federation rock music, books, horror films
Trisha 29 India Photography, dancing, playing sports, video games,...
Marvin mubiru 31 Uganda playing football . reading books.making new friend...
Gretta 32 United States Music, art, food, animals, video games
Federico 32 Italy Computers, Playing guitar, Sailing, Reading, Trave...
Daniel.H 33 China Sports,Music,Movie
Luna 34 Namibia Design
Zena 34 Uganda writing and reading travel singing
Roy 34 Netherlands Movies soccer friends
Anastasiya 34 Kazakhstan Music, books, films, Phycolgy
Joseph 38 United States Reading,cooking,movies
kaori 38 Japan reading, rock music
Andrea 42 Austria violin, handwork, reading
fra 45 Canada Paiting
Tara Meekins 51 United States Reading and writing. Swimming and Bond films.
saif ali khan 53 Pakistan high altitude treking
Paul 53 United States Watching football, NASCAR, and going fishing
Sam 54 Hong Kong Sports
saif khan 54 Pakistan trekking, camping,
Elias 55 Greece football
crony 55 United States computers, movies, internet, music, video games, f...
Desmond 57 United States am looking for my soul mate
nick 61 United Kingdom going to the gym,travelling
Robert Litzke 62 United States Running and Bicycling