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Members birthday on: August 15
Name Age Country Hobbies
Megan 17 United Kingdom Playing guitar & ukulele, reading, writing, listen...
Anna 18 Austria Reading
sidney 18 Trinidad and Tobago gaming,running computering
Эльвира 19 Russian Federation reading books, drawing, studying foreign languages...
Rachkara Ceaser 21 Uganda making friends,playing sports
Amber 22 United States Marching Band,Band,Baking,Texting, Cooking, Readin...
bobo 23 China Study,Game,chatting,manga one piece,
hawa musah 24 Ghana chatting,football,movies
Katie 24 United States i love to hang out with friends, and listen to my ...
OKABO ARON 25 Uganda Scouting, swimming, animal tracking and soft music...
Kashmiri Dekam 26 India travel, photography, cooking,
Bill 26 Taiwan Swimming; Watching Movies
Johannes 26 Germany Music, Movies, Medicine
Serge 27 Russian Federation cooking) Blues)
Rana 27 India Readin,travling,
lulu 27 Syria reading,sports,photography
Miriam 28 Netherlands Soccer, gardening, beeing in nature, animal lover
Sarah 28 United Kingdom Reading, Cooking, Travelling
Souvik Ghosh 28 India Traveling,Photography,Swimming,Writing Letters & P...
Fina Jafar 30 Germany movies
Jayz 30 India Travel, swimming, clubbing, movies
sabrina 31 China cooking travelling
Nyombi Alex 32 Uganda Listening to music, Hanging out, swimming,making f...
Bakyaita 34 Uganda sports,adventure,making friends,learning.
Tomo Matsuzaki 35 Japan Cooking, Disney, Piano
Joyce 36 United Kingdom watching football
Damon Hansen 37 China poetry, buddhism, editing, travel
Zino okoro 37 Ireland i love movies,books,music and i love to design on ...
Sharon Tan 38 Singapore sport and sleeping
Karen Bickel 38 United States Archery, Horseback Riding, Reading
Jo Joaquin 40 Dominican Republic Handcraft, Fine arts, Penpaling, Gardening, Natura...
Sean Vigil 41 United States Gym, movies, reading etc
Madliene Bocha Mwai 41 Kenya Swimming, Cooking,Reading & Watching T.V
mohd hussain 44 United States sports, working out, movies
Penelope 48 Australia Reading, walking, being creative
Robert 49 United States computers, astrology, writing stories, RPGs, music...
Alfonso Campos 49 Mexico Running, reading, traveling
Albert 50 United States swimming,gulf,riding.
McBreyer J 51 United States hiking,enjoying nature
Charles 52 United States Swimming,traveling and beach
olowoyile 55 Gambia Reading
Abril 15 55 Mexico Reading, Music, traveling
Francis Frimpon Attakora 55 Ghana travelling,singing,sports