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Members birthday on: August 13
Name Age Country Hobbies
Catherine Maher 16 United Kingdom Sport, friends
Leonid 20 Russian Federation Gaming
Natasha 20 Russian Federation Reading, playing computer games
Janani Chamodi 22 Sri Lanka Playing guitar,singing songs, watching films.......
lalia 22 France, Metropolitan I love read
Mohammed Salu 22 Ghana Reading,Drawing,Painting,Naklace and Beads making etc
♡♡ 23 United States listening to music, playing games and hanging out ...
Margaret 24 China see a movie
Andrew 24 United Kingdom Animals, Music, Movies, Sport
Ji-soo 25 Korea Writing, gaming, blogging, shopping
Anna 25 United States #TeenageLife
joy 27 Germany love mussic
Lynn 29 China reading,listening,writing
katie brown 29 United States video games watching movies and shows drawing list...
Darlene 31 China 旅游,滑雪,美食,表演,音乐,投资
mary 31 India lot of tv music movies books creative art work lea...
Guido 35 Italy music, travel, sports, cinema, food
Giorgio 38 Italy information technology, sports, watching movies
Careen kujinga 39 Zimbabwe watching korean Drama
kate4 41 Senegal COOKING
Godfrey 46 Uganda cooking,music,travelling,
doug 47 United States history, wine, karate, books, film
greg 47 United Kingdom filming.writing.playing guitar.
niceboy 53 China sport