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Name Age Country Hobbies
Belle 18 Ghana Read and draw
Yulia 20 Russian Federation Economic, music,cats,serials and different films
liah 20 China reading /manga
Naufal Tsaqif 21 Indonesia Music, physics, traveling
Noémie 21 France Equitation, photographie
lesha 22 United States painting/drawing.
Jes Lett 22 New Zealand Dancing, reading and sport
Jake 22 Canada Music, Soccer/Football
Valerina Sieany 22 Indonesia Singing, reading books, listening musics, travelling
Abby 23 United States music, guitar, culture, outdoors
Gege 24 Singapore Surfing the web
Claire_ting 26 China swimming, play tennis,music,movie,make new friends
Vivian 26 Taiwan photography,reading,artsy stuff,music
張宇傑 28 Taiwan アニメ basketball piano manga reading
Clarissa 28 United States sports, outdoors
Miuccia 28 China Reading, music, traveling
Mohammed 29 Germany Geige spielen
Jodie Will 29 United States Art music history sport mainly hockey
Hasan F. Alkış 29 Turkey Books, Movies, Gym, Football, Piano
winnie 30 Kenya reading,soccer, travelling,swimming, movies
Giulia 30 Italy reading, writing, traveling, music, literature, po...
wangwei 31 China lots of
Romeo Boadu 32 China Movies, games, reading, listening to music, romance
Anna 32 United States singing
Walz Manuel 32 Germany Ride my bike, playing fotball, Camping, cooking
Olga 32 Russian Federation Reading, driving, movies, nature
FRANCIS 33 United States Basketball
Julia 33 Russian Federation Books, Music, Football
John Mugisha 36 Uganda Football,Watching TV News, Touring around ,Fans, s...
silver.silence 38 Iran traveling.writing.reading.watching movies.music se...
charlie 41 Germany voluntray
Tina 41 United States Talking traveling
Chin 41 Mauritius Sleeping
Ann 41 Russian Federation teaching
Jim 42 Canada Sports, current events, reading
Yu2n 43 Indonesia Reading, Travelling, playing volly ball
Babika K.C. 44 Nepal Making good freinds
Jaqueline Leal 47 Brazil Writing letters, reading, watching movies and seri...
Haris B Saif 48 Pakistan reading,travelling,making pals all over ,surfing
bernard apedo 50 Ghana reading book and playing with kids
Rudi 51 Germany Music, Art, Comics, Movies, Drawing, Making Music,...
Ivonete Maria Sabel 63 Brazil Travel
Bryan 67 United Kingdom Cycling, Horse riding, Reading, Nature, Photography
Joaquina 75 Spain viajar y conocer nuevas culturas y gentes, cocinar...
Jim Russell 78 United States Reading, history