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Name Age Country Hobbies
Elias 16 Switzerland Piano, Capoeira, Observatory
Alessia Romito 16 Italy volleyball, swimming
Marina 17 Russian Federation Reading, snowboarding
Kyli 19 United States Volleyball, softball, hiking, frisbee golf, thrifting
Linda Renda 19 Italy reading, music,photography
Chiara Giovanetti 21 Italy read
Asia 22 Saudi Arabia Drawing, Reading, Watching movies, and day dream h...
Elena 23 United States Reading, and Creative writing
Faiqah Afifah 23 Malaysia singing,dancing
sara 23 Italy dance, walking, photography, cooking
Jack Phoa She Kheng 23 Malaysia Reading, Designing, Drawing, Literature area
irenelhl 25 Malaysia Anime,Manga
Lauren Gaston 25 United States art, reading, music, science, hiking, philosophy
tlevelyn@sina.com 25 China movies music traveling reading
Kevin Chiang 25 United States Soccer (Football)
Lindy 25 Hong Kong riding bicycles, reading, listening to music
Anna 26 Poland watching movies, korean dramas, listening to music...
Jasmine 27 United States Singing traveling movies
Olivia Crooks 27 United States Horse Riding, Photography, Drawing
Cami 28 New Zealand Travel
Bella 28 China playing sports
young mi lim 29 Korea watching movies, reading books
hanaarashi 30 United States Music, arts, languages, history, literature, arche...
sabegirl 32 Thailand sports
Chiara 32 Italy Sport
satoshi yama 33 Japan travel
Petr 33 Czech Republic fishing, floorball, traveling, Norway
oxana 33 Ukraine adventures,guitar music,movies,active life...
Charles Tumusime 37 Rwanda Reading, Writing, and public speaking
CHOONG Wee Hong 46 Malaysia Reading, Classical Music, Photography, Calligraphy...
moses 47 Turkey readıng news magazınes runnıng long walks swım...
Galina 48 Russian Federation travel,sport,nature and much more
Esther Miller 49 United States Hiking, camping, horseback riding, music, nature, art
Julie Joefrida 56 Indonesia Craft, Sewing, Cooking, Traavelling, Teaching, Cha...
Svetlana 60 Russian Federation travelling, reading, gardening, cooking
Viking60 62 Norway Many, photography, fishing, hiking, reading, genea...
Subman 62 Norway Many
Arne 62 Norway Reading,genealogy, movies, history, gardening, fis...
Noel 73 United Kingdom Walking The Outdoors Eating Out Gardening Most kin...