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Members birthday on: March 20
Name Age Country Hobbies
Anna 18 Russian Federation Friendship bracelets
Styllier 20 China painting,anime,reading,music
Adrian 21 Germany Geographie, History
Oliver 24 Germany Friends, guitar, games, movies, writing, handcraft...
Elli 26 Germany Nature, Journaling, Studying,
Eleonora 28 Italy reading, writing, tv series, Supernatural, music, ...
Sarah 28 Italy Cinema, books, art, music, theatre
cody maestas 29 United States video games, movies, working out, reading, writing...
Airul qaiz 29 Singapore reading
Saw 32 Thailand Classical music, travel, reading, photography
Oneika 34 Jamaica reading, writing etc
james myers 35 United States Sports, computers, writing
Jeff Shafer 35 United States RC Cars,small boobs, girls, and fixing crap
herbert 35 United Arab Emirates sporting
Carlos 36 Switzerland cooking, reading, travelling, trekking/hiking, ori...
windwind 40 Japan I'm interested in listening music, reading, and po...
DIPESH 44 Tanzania making frindes all over the world
pigsmightfly 45 Japan Dancing, Cooking, Reading, Listening to music, etc.
Stephen 47 Ghana FOOTBALL
Jami Naj 48 United States I am a very creative, open minded person! I enjoy...
Irena 50 Switzerland viele, beaucoup, a lot of, molti
Sônia 59 Brazil Reading Listen to music
gracefishery1 63 United States Football
Meg B 67 United States Ballet, and Jazz dancing, Music, Live Theater, An...
Laurie Lane 68 United States reading, cross stitching, grandchildren, animals, ...
Muhammad Saeed 70 Pakistan walking/driving/cooking
bill 75 United States reading ,cnn, sunseta