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Name Age Country Hobbies
Mingfei Peng 18 China Chemistry,Geography,Biology,Reading,Astronomy,Avia...
Silvia Guarguaglini 19 Italy Dance, music, tv series
Silvia Guarguaglini 19 Italy Dance
Ian M Lewis 20 United States Tennis, philosophy
Alessandro Friaglia 20 Italy Sport e musica
Katya 20 United States Draw, listen to music, read, and dance
Carien Sander 21 South Africa Art , reading, photography, watching series, spend...
Rex Toil 22 United States gaming, youtube, netflix
Aquila Hedrick 24 United States camping, singing, listening to music, partying, sm...
Travis 26 India Photography
TingYi 27 China calligraphy;music;running; gardening
DJ Helkaa 27 Canada history, politics, and weapons
Serg 28 Russian Federation sport cars, computers, all styles of music, sport,...
Arif khan 30 India internet, games,hearing songs, chatting
Hannah Walker 31 United Kingdom Reading, writing, countryside
Tatyana 32 Russian Federation Sport, bussines, health, vegitarian, capoeira
Salome 34 Kenya Cooking, watching movies
Caitlin 34 United States Sports, Music, Reading, Running, Watching movies
A.J. flores 34 United States surfing, swimming, BASKETBALL, snowboarding, voley...
Ginger 39 United States Music, Art, Gardening, writing, crafts, cooking
Edward 39 Australia Reading, music, writing poetry/ stories, chatting,...
chinouk 41 Poland computers, philosophy, puzzles, psychology, scrabb...
Maria 44 Russian Federation I've got many hobbies of different kinds.
Davide 45 Italy Nature, Trekking, Camping, Travel, Music, Poetry, ...
Claudia 51 Germany Reading, drawing, cooking, jogging, moderate climb...
Ben Smith 51 United States reading and writing
JOSEPH TIBIRU 51 Ghana reading,listening to music, chating
marina 52 Russian Federation flowers
ngal mademba diao 53 Senegal reading
robert blunden 54 United Kingdom travel/meeting new people
Zimi Veronika 58 Hungary Internet,dancing,riding bike,playing table-tennis,...
nuncy verde 65 United States crafting, woodworking, reading, outdoors
John Emery 67 United States Woodworking, wine making, hunting
Jud 80 Canada Hiking Travel Music