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Members birthday on: February 13
Name Age Country Hobbies
Aisyah 18 Malaysia Random stuff
Camille 18 China Traveling, Reading, Movies, Internet, Guitar, Stamps
Krystal 18 China sing,dence,reading
Ellie Jean Hayton 20 Australia Acting with DVP, playing with DVCB and DVDB, netba...
Erin 21 Australia science, dance, harry potter, astronomy.
Inez 21 Netherlands Swimming, make fun with friends
Chaerunisa windarti 22 Indonesia studying, reading novels, watching movies, play wi...
Jasmine Cheng 22 China Computers, reading, cats, e-sports, travelling, si...
Kimian 22 United States Drawing anime, writing fanfiction, cooking
Simonyeiiv 23 Morocco Sport, fitness, manga...
Maria S 24 Ireland I like..listening to music, watching TV, going to ...
junghyu 27 Korea singing , dancing
Shubham singh 28 India Pets
Jowita 28 Poland Gardening, Scrapbooking, Cooking, Baking, Sewing, ...
Gena 29 Russian Federation Music, video game, extreme
julie 30 Philippines drawing
George Hove 31 Zimbabwe reading
Jéssica Vicência 31 Brazil cinema, music, cooking, studing, reading..
bright 37 Nigeria Travelling,making new friends and learning new things
Gabriela F 38 Brazil play the guitar, contemporary literature, movies, ...
sylvester T. Yangbae 44 Liberia Reading and making friends
Shaun 47 Australia athletics, fitness, reading, swimming, tennis, out...
yoav 48 Israel swimming, painting, pilates,cooking, etc
YUKA 48 Japan watch movies, listen music,watch football games an...
Timothy 48 United States extreme sports, and music
Anthony mandez 57 United States Reading, Sport, Hiking
Hannu Korhonen 61 Finland Watching all kind of sport,Karaoke,Dancing
Marjorie Steinberg 62 United States Music, movies, reading fiction
Reija Hirn 66 Finland animals, fishing, country life, drawing
friend4you 72 France Travelling etc
Roger Söderqvist 72 Sweden Nature, gardening, photography,hiking, travels