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Details for account no: 241078
Name: Hillary (Click to send message)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: December 07, 1999 -> 19 years
Homepage: (note: Page will open in another window.To return, close the window)
Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Primary Language: English
Other Languages: Beginner Level: Korean, Japanese, Thai, Khmer, Chinese
Religion: ( Empty... )
Education: Finished High School - Gap Year
Profession: Hospitality Waitress
Hobbies Music in different genres and languages, creating and reading books, learning languages, drawing
Would like to be friends with: Both Male & Female from 16 to 30 years
Prefer to get mail by: Both email & regular mail
Postal Addres: - The postal address is only visible for members -
Something to say: Hello nice to meet you here!
I'm Hillary. I am of asian background; Thai and Cambodian, but was born in Australia.
I like everything creative, ranging from photography, art, music, writing.
The reason I joined is because, I want to be able to speak my mother tongue lanugages and more, and what better way than making friends here!
Hope to hear from you soon. I'll check as soon as I can.
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Member since: September 23, 2018 00:23
Last active: March 14, 2019 00:45
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