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Members birthday on: December 06
Name Age Country Hobbies
Sonya 16 Russian Federation Learning English
Francesco 17 Italy Play guitar, bass and drums, listening to ROCK mus...
Jen 18 India Reading, watching shows and movies, photography
nikki 18 United States bmx racing, snowboarding, skateboarding
Natasya Angelita 19 Indonesia Writing, gardening, reading comic,
aurora 21 Italy read and gjm
Alessandra 21 Italy letture culturali e di romanzi classici
fangy 21 China Postcards movie books
Harley Maine 23 Philippines Studying, Writing, outdoor activities, poetry, fas...
Daile 23 Philippines Drawing, writing, listening to music, watching mov...
Alessia 28 Italy Reading, music, knowing people in all the world.
Wojtek 29 Germany Boxing,army ,reading books ,bodybuilding
Ferdinand 42 Brazil Reading, Classical Music
bordelais 44 Ivory Coast music travel meeting
Olive 50 Papua New Guinea Gargening, handcrafts, sewing,
Aida 54 Uganda Reading
Bob McArthur 63 United States Motorbikes, construction, art
Thea 66 Germany crafting cosmetic, blues, chansons, travelling, co...