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Name Age Country Hobbies
Talha Uysal 19 Turkey Playing soccer, riding bicycle, swimming, reading ...
Natasha 20 Australia playing instruments photography and travelling
aurora guarnieri 21 Italy music, dance, watching tv series/movies
Hajime 22 Japan 音楽鑑賞、ダンス、演技、歌
itim 25 Thailand piano, golf, tennis
Magnolia 26 China reading novels
James Gianlue Piape 27 Italy Reading, Writing, Surfing the Net, Cooking, Watchi...
nerault 27 India reading
Suvi 27 Finland Stuffs
Lauren 28 United States music, gardening, concerts, writing, painting
Christian 29 Italy watching movies, listening music, hanging out with...
Jani 30 Finland gym and jogging
Tania 31 Russian Federation singing, guitar, hangin out with friends, guys of ...
girl outfit (8) 32 Philippines Singing,eating,watching tv,listening music
Kristina Leaman 32 United States I love anime, manage, and Asian culture and would ...
Ken 35 Philippines Reading Books, Watching Movies, Playing Guitar, Pl...
masa 38 Japan Sports, cooking, working out, anything fun
Manyeah Emmanuel 39 Liberia I love music, reading, soccer, sports, etc
Andrei 39 Russian Federation swimming, fishing, theater, cooking
emmanuelmanyeah2013 39 Liberia love meeting new friends,music,Sports
Jimmy Cline 39 United States biking, basketball, writing, film, history, music
Sebastian 40 Germany Swimming, learning languages, dancing, riding on a...
Oksana 45 Russian Federation foreign languages,music,literature. dancing
Yuri 48 United Kingdom Readking,Cooking
Ellen 48 United States penpalling, reading, drawing, latch hooking
Esther 49 Spain reading and doing sports
Gbolly 51 Nigeria Making friends reading, writting, peom & letter, ...
sherry 54 United States reading,camping,geo caching and swimming
sherry 54 United States reading,cooking,camping,skating
Melody 54 Zambia making friend, travelling, outdoor activities
Treasure 54 Spain music, reading, cinema, surfing the net
David 58 United States hiking, woodcraft, landscaping, travel
Mani 61 United Arab Emirates Nature,travelling,Music,playing Billiards
Lyn 64 Philippines Books, magazines
asha 67 Mauritius Reading, Cooking,Gardening,Sewing