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Name Age Country Hobbies
Amelie 17 South Africa Read, learning to code, singing and swimming
Lizzy 21 Philippines Playing volleyball and badminton, listening to kpo...
Lena Moskvitina 23 Russian Federation Reading, learning languages
Katrina 24 China watching movies and series, reading, listening to ...
Kübra 25 Netherlands reading, anime, manga, listening to music etc.
Karolina 26 Italy Walkings, see, books, travellings, music, cinema,p...
zhoudan 27 China basketball
vicky1 31 United States out door
Alexander 31 Germany pc, soccer(watching/playing), talk to the stranger...
Jay kim 32 Korea Sports, Reading, Traveling
salwa 38 Malaysia Reading, music, arts, literature, philosophies
Ling 38 Thailand Reading ,Hiking ,Camping ,Photo Collection ,etc
cindy 40 China traveling,reading,movie,music,cooking
Emily 40 China reading,traveling,movie,music,cooking
angel 40 China travelling,movie,music
anna 40 Hong Kong photography, astronomy, travel, nature, airplane
Filip 40 Belgium playing guitar, reading, going to the theater, mov...
Samia 42 Bangladesh Painting
Hannington 42 Uganda Painting, Drawing, Art and Dsign, Gospel, Travelling
Basti 43 Germany Relaxing, sleeping, dreaming, animals, writing let...
Melissa 44 United States theatre, tv, culture, dogs, nature
Marie 47 Canada learning Mandarin, sewing, crocheting
AA H 54 United States ferrets, swimming, fishing, puters, travel, etc etc
Gaynor Edwards 55 United Kingdom Cake Decorating, Walking, Cycling, Cross Stitch, R...
frank 61 United States bicyling, fishing, camping, canoeing. anything out...