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Members birthday on: January 13
Name Age Country Hobbies
Kalina 13 Russian Federation music, movies, dancing
ClairePear 19 China Reading,Chinese calligraphy……
Nadya 19 Russian Federation music
Mary 20 Belarus Manga,drawing, music, comics
Pauline Lépine 21 France exchange letter/postcard, parcel/package/small gift
Sultan 21 Russian Federation слушать музыку
Deja Ferguson 22 United States reading, writing, music, dance, movies, cooking, s...
Caitlyn 22 United States Art, movies, music, etc.
Christine 24 Italy snowbord, music, read..
ankur bhatt 24 India politics
Fabio 24 Italy Listen and play Music, football, travel, America, ...
Maria 25 Russian Federation cooking
Alexander van Esch 26 Netherlands Drawing, Leathercraft
Candie 27 Germany musicals, theater, writing, reading, harry potter,...
hilary gyimah 28 Ghana football
Horang yoon 28 Korea Listening music(especially metal, rock) Reading books
Kitty_Kate 28 Russian Federation Photo, Dansing, Reading, Cooking, English language...
Nine 30 China Painting, traveling, collecting, manual, flower ar...
A. L. S. 30 Philippines drawing, anime, listening to modern Jap or Korean ...
Julie 31 Norway Reading, sewing, gardening
Joshua 31 United States riding horses
Guillaume 31 Canada drum, music, watching movies, martial arts
Kelven Rash 32 Ghana Soccer, detective movies, reading, travelling, ......
Jessica Burley 34 United States art, reading, cooking, walks, travel
William Gyapong 34 Ghana reading playing football
Jason Chiho Yoon 39 United States Sleeping
Angsana 40 Thailand E-mailling, Cooking, Travelling in good time, Reading
Anthony 49 Netherlands movies, travelling, listen to the music, etc.
Donna Allen 52 Jamaica Cooking, singing, dancing, reading, and, ect.
Greg 56 United States Literature, history, travel, and post cards
Handy Hsieh 60 Taiwan Tennis, Ballroom dance and photography
Jeff Archer 60 United States Antiques, music, art, classic cars, hiking etc
Russ 72 United States computers, music, architecture, graphic arts, trav...
Dick 74 Netherlands biking,nature,photography/video