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Members birthday on: January 11
Name Age Country Hobbies
Kee Shand 13 Singapore Reading,Writing,Drawing,Listening to music
Greta albanese 18 Italy lettura viaggi nuoto film
matteo 18 Italy surf the internet, rock music, reading about new t...
Camila 18 Brazil dance
Carla Theunissen 19 South Africa Hockey
Camilla 20 Italy Swim
mariagrazia 20 Italy dancing
Sergio 21 Spain I meet my friends
Nisrine 22 France Mode,lire,voyager,cinéma, musique
PeterZ 23 China guitar
Izaak Lenn 24 United States Art, skiing, theater
Alsu 25 Russian Federation reading different books, cooking tasty things
Burak 25 Turkey Writing short stories and hobbies, taking photos a...
Ery 26 Indonesia Singing, Reading, Dancing, Cycling, Running, Watch...
Jing 27 China Reading , listening music and roller skating
Natalie 27 China Postcrossing, Movies, Reading. Travelling
giulia 28 Italy sporting-reading-cooking-foreing language-journey
Oluyemi 30 United Kingdom Reading
Kayla 30 Korea listening to music, swimming, shopping, internet
Rita Dons 31 United Kingdom Traveling,football,research
Elizabeth Johnson 31 United States Traveling
Zee 32 Pakistan Music,Gardening
Roy 33 China reading,travelling
Kate Vinée 39 United States reading, writing, beginner gardening, studying lan...
edem 39 Ghana kuuking&singing
Ivonne 40 Germany Geocaching, reading, hiking
Jojo Estrada 40 Philippines reading, watching tv, gardening,playing vollleyball
Marty21 41 United States enjoy helping people
Evans 41 Kenya Surfing
earthsun 41 France, Metropolitan Reading, watching movies and TV series, traveling
Barbara 42 Germany reading, writing letters, genealogy, cooking, coff...
esay salca 43 Philippines cooking, gardens, home care
Sam 43 India Driving wild n crazy, music, movies, making friend...
disay 44 Philippines cooking, tv and flowers, family care
isay salazar 44 Philippines cooking, housekeeps
Olga S 44 Russian Federation I like reading, travelling, movies, pets.
Yukie 45 Japan manga,animation,reading,music,martial arts
Gwynplain 46 France reading, music
Richard 48 Germany swimming, down hill
J. Keith Stanley 50 United States Music, reading, sports, swimming, computer
Klaus2000XXXX 53 Germany music
Jennie 55 Italy Music,nature,reading,travelling,walking
Sandy McMahon 58 United States Celtic & world music, cats, reading, writing poetr...